October 2022

This is a ‘tummy time’ quanket for a baby. Simply place it on the floor with some toys on it, and it gives a baby a clean place to play while working to strengthen their arms, backs and core muscles.

As a sailor, I couldn’t resist the cute, and very colorful, sailboat fabric. I didn’t want to cut it up to turn into quilt blocks, so left it as large pieces, and made my quilting focus on the larger sailboats and the baby’s name, Myles. This is finished as a traditional quanket, with a pieced quilt front, fleece for the backing and then tied.

This was gifted to my sister’s nephew and his wife, who welcomed their son back in early July. I hope Myles grows to enjoy sailboats (and maybe when he’s a bit older, sailing too) as much as I do!