Donate a Scrap

The majority of the quilts I make for foster kids are made from pieces of fabric and scraps that I have either inherited, have from past projects or from donations. I like how a scrap from a quilt I may have made years ago, or a piece of donated fabric that was given with the hope that it would be transformed into something that would provide a child comfort, combine and are interwoven to create a unique quilt, a quilt with a soul of sorts, which is a result of its origins.

I hope that these quilts find their way to kids that need a hug, so that they might realize that there are people that care.

If you have a scrap of fabric you would like added into a Love Hugs quilt, complete the form below and I will let you know where you can mail me your donation. Or, if you are a quilter, and have an extra block you would like me to incorporate into a quilt, I would welcome your generous contribution. Scraps can be any size that is larger than 3″x3″, and can be mailed in a regular envelope.


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