About Me

Love Hugs from Pieces of the Past is something I started after my Mom passed away in August of 2012. My Mom kept too much stuff for her (or my Dad’s) own good, including a lot of fabric she had from past sewing projects along with fabric she had acquired from my Granny and my Great Aunt Betty. I have sewn since my Granny taught me when I was 4-years old, and am now in my fifties, so I have been sewing for quite some time! Since I love to sew, as well as being dedicated to recycling/reducing/reusing, I gladly brought the fabric home, figuring I could put it to use, and ultimately decided I would make quilts to give to foster kids.

Why foster kids? In the U.S., over 400,000 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system. The statistics for kids in the foster system are an eye-opener (click here to learn more). Kids need parents and family that love them, and people who care about their welfare, so that they have a solid foundation for growing-up to be happy people.

Love Hugs started as an idea: that quilts are like hugs — they wrap around you and provide comfort and warmth. The quilts I am making incorporate pieces of fabric from past sewing projects. Hence the name of my quilts: Love Hugs from Pieces of the Past. The official kick-off of this blog commemorates my Mom’s birthday, July 3. Happy birthday Mom.

My goal for this website is to raise awareness around foster kids, and to hopefully inspire others to help these kids who, in many cases, have a difficult road to travel.

It is not my intention to teach people how to quilt: there are plenty of websites, blogs, books and classes out there that can do a much better job at teaching it than I could do! There are also many websites that show the myriad of different quilt patterns available. The only piece of knowledge or wisdom about quilting that I might impart is that there are no rights or wrongs in designing a quilt – it is a form of art, and with all the available fabric options, the sky’s the limit!

Since beginning this “project” in 2012, I have made 82 quankets for foster kids, many of which can be viewed in my Photo Gallery page. I hope that the quilts I donate to foster care organizations find their way to kids that need a hug, so that they might realize that there are people that care.


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