Flower Power

Star surround quilt

Flower Power
August 2015

I believe this quilt qualifies for my ‘most pieces’ pieced quilt, coming in at just over 800 pieces pieced! Before this one, my What’s a Zig without a Zag quilt was my ‘most pieces’ quilt at 504 total pieces. While it was quite a bit of work to design and piece this one, it was very rewarding to see it come together. I used this quilt to describe how I make quankets, hoping that it inspires others to make and donate quankets to foster kids. Quankets are a great project for those that love the piecing aspect of quilting, but perhaps don’t have the tools, training or patience to finish in the traditional quilting method.

This quilt incorporates some new and some past project scraps. The hourglass blocks incorporated some scrap fabric from Edith, and from a quilt I made years ago for my nephew. Some of the muslin was leftover from the fitting pattern for the wedding dress I made for my daughter nine years ago.

This was donated in September to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services, and will go to a foster child. It will also be included in this year’s 100 Quilts for Kids program.

100 Quilts for Kids


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