Part 2: Making a Quanket


Making a quanket
August 2015

I have now moved the blocks for this quanket from my design wall to the guest bed. Before completing the estimated needed blocks, I like to see how the design is coming together, and where I may want to make adjustments.

  1. As you can see in the picture, if I do the planned six full blocks down, I end with my center light pink stars not getting the hot pink star surround around them. So instead of doing six full blocks for the length, I will have five full blocks and add a half block at the top and bottom.
  2. The same will happen with the width. As reference, the top three rows have five blocks across. I will add a single row^ (1/4 of a block) on each side, to continue the pattern to the full width of the fleece backing.
    *The blocks are technically built off a standard 16-patch block pattern. I chose to have them finish at 9″. So, adding a row^ will add 2.25″ to each side.

I had calculated this quanket finishing at 4’x5′, but as it started to take shape on my design wall, I could see that I wanted the light pink stars to get the hot pink all the way around them. This adjustment will make the quilt finish more square than rectangle, but that’s okay. Luckily the fleece backing can accommodate the extra width.

Sometimes my quilts do not finish quite as I originally pictured in my head or sketched out. Between using scrap fabrics and sometimes getting lost in the calculations, I like to consider my process as being organic!


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