June 2015

We welcomed a new addition to the family this past March, our grand-nephew Dexter! I made this quilt for him, as a “welcome to the world” gift! I hope that he grows to love it, and that he wraps it around himself when he sees his first Shark’s game!

This is not a typical baby-sized quilt, but is much larger. I do this because the quilts I make for babies I want to be used as much as possible before they think that it is too “baby’ish”. Also, since we no longer put any loose things in the crib with a baby, the smaller baby quilts tend to have fewer occasions for getting used. The larger quilt is great for laying on the floor for babies to do tummy time and for playing with their toys, before they start crawling.

While most of the fabrics are new, I was able to incorporate some leftover fabric from Edith, Dexter’s paternal great-grandma into this Allison Harris’ (Cluck Cluck Sew) Off Track quilt design. I also incorporated the cute animals driving cars which I had used in my Twizzler Goes for a Ride quilt. When I made Reny’s quilt back in November, I reflected that I suspect that Edith is up in heaven enjoying all her wonderful great-grandsons, which now total five!

*Footnote: I wish the picture would have turned out better! The lighting is making it look saggy, which in person, it isn’t!


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