Twizzler Goes for a Ride


Twizzler Goes for a Ride
August 2014

Quilts seem to mimic life: you have a general plan of where things will go, and sometimes it doesn’t quite go that exact way. But, it is beautiful nonetheless. I had planned to carry the Irish Chain pattern all the way to the edge, but the fabric scraps I had chosen were just not going to stretch that far. So, back to the sketch pad, and I came up with the idea to use the animal fabric as a border. In the end, it turned out great!

The orange fabric was given to Jamie from her friend Jan, who likes the idea of my Love Hugs project. She gave Jamie a huge bag of all sorts of fabrics! The animal fabric was new, while the blue was some from Granny’s stuff, and the plaid was from the craigslist fabric I acquired last year.

As a big thank you for the fabric donation, I have named this in honor of Jan and her doggie Twizzler.

I donated this quilt to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services, via the Children’s Services Auxiliary of Ventura County, in August 2014.

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