Green Tetons

Green Tetons

Green Tetons
June 2013

In May, Paul and I took my Dad on a road trip to see his brothers and sisters in the Midwest. On the way home, we had planned to camp in South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho. However, the weather wasn’t cooperating, and when we got to Yellowstone, there was snow still on the ground and ice on the lake! Well, camping quickly went out the window, and instead of camping, we opted to stay in a cozy little cabin on Jackson Lake, overlooking the Grand Tetons. The beds had pretty, lodge-looking quilts on them, so I took a picture so that I could try to replicate the pattern for my Love Hugs project. Since I chose green as the predominant color, I decided to name this one Green Tetons.

In July, I donated this quilt to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services.


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