24.5554° N

24.5554° N
June 2022

The inspiration for this recently finished quanket came from Kate Spain’s block #8 which was part of Moda Block Heads 4. The center of each of the four 22″ blocks was fabric given to me many year’s ago by a family friend. I had been waiting for just the right block design to use these very special pieces, as I did not want to lose the beautiful floral designs by cutting them. While the block design was intended with a white center, these sample pieces from the iconic fashion brand, Key West Hand Print Fabrics, were the perfect substitute into the center of each ‘wild geese’ block.

Between 1962 and 1985, prolific textile designer Suzie Zuzek created over 1,500 designs for Key West Hand Print Fabrics in Key West, Florida, which were used by Lilly Pulitzer. Suzie Zuzek’s design contributions were on exhibit last year at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City. The eclectic patterns Zuzek designed defined a uniquely American style, often spotted on fashion icons such as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

This will be donated to a child in foster care.


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