Rising Star

Rising Star

October 2020

A year ago Christmas, I received EQ8 (Electric Quilt software) that has for me, become an invaluable tool for quilting. I have a design wall – another important tool for designing quilts – but with EQ8, it is much easier to visualize what the finished quilt will look like, figure out piece sizes before cutting, and get estimates on the amount of fabric that will be needed. Since many of my quilts are made from material in my stash, it’s great to be able to determine if there will be enough before making that first cut.

My Catnip quanket is the only other Lonestar quilt I’ve made, which I had modified to leave off the star points. I haven’t done a true Lonestar quilt, however, this may still be the case since I chose to offset this one 😉  In EQ8, I chose a standard 6-row Lonestar design and then created several options based on the fabric I was planning to use. I was able to import images of the fabrics I was using, which provided a very realistic rendering of what the final quilt would look like. I used flannel for the backing, so this will be a toasty warm quilt! 

This will be gifted to my niece, who will be turning one in December. It is a bit big for her now, but she’ll grow into it! 


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