Zuzu’s Petals

Zuzu’s Petals
July 2020

A few months ago, I experimented for the first time with making stack and whack blocks. At that time, I only made two blocks, using different fabric for each block. I then turned each block into a trivet. I was not overly impressed with the stack and whack technique and results: starting with “nice looking fabric”, cutting it up and reassembling it, and ending up with a different “nice looking fabric”. When I expressed this observation to a quilting group that I’m a member of, I was encouraged to make more than just one block – that with more blocks from the same fabric, the results would be much more dynamic.

Zuzu’s Petals is the result of my giving the stack and whack technique another shot. The fabric is some that I’ve had in my stash since the 1990’s, back when the colors country blue and rose were all the rage. I used this same fabric for the border.  Aside from the construction nightmares of having two different sized hexies, and wanting to add white sashing between them, I had fun making this quilt, and will definitely try the stack and whack technique again!

This was donated to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services for a child in foster care in October 2020.


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