Grandma’s Garden

Grandma’s Garden
March 2020

While I typically make what I like to call quankets – fleece backed quilt tops – I’ve been experimenting over the past year with machine quilting. I had pretty much resigned myself to thinking that machine quilting would be too difficult on my 1940’s something, narrow-neck Singer 401, and while it is challenging to manipulate the quilt on certain turns, I find if I go slow, it’s not too bad.

The center is quilted to resemble a flower, and from there, I borrowed visuals from my garden for the other quilting designs – leaves, vines with heart-shaped flowers, and lattice. The polka dot fabric is some I inherited from my Granny while all the others are from various past projects.

This was included in this year’s Hands2Help Challenge hosted by Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict @fabricaddictquilts and went to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids @littlelambsfoundationforkids

#h2h2020 #hands2help2020


4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Garden

    • For quankets, I typically do not use batting since the fleece backing is thick and heavy. For this particular quilt, it is actually a quilt with batting, and regular fabric on the backside. For some where I actually want it to be fleece back, but I also want to do stitched quilting, I have used flannel to back the areas I do the stitch quilting on to provide stability to that section (refer to Hoplon and Sarasaland Princess). Hope that makes sense!

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