Swimming Upstream


Swimming Upstream
July 2018

I swear my scrap bins are bottomless! It seems no matter how much I pull from them, that when I finish a new quanket and am putting away all the leftover pieces, the bins seem as full or fuller than when I started 🙂

I’ve only myself to blame. When I am at the fabric store, I am a sucker for a cute fabric, as well as for a good deal on remnant pieces. The fish fabric I pulled from the store’s half-off shelf, while the blue polka dot and the grey geometric were from the remnant bins. Since the goal of all my quilts is to incorporate ‘pieces of past’ fabric, I dug into my blue scrap bin to fill-out my palette.

I have a lot of time to think while I am quilting, and the fish got me pondering how some people seem to easily rise up to meet challenges, while others shy away from anything that takes them out of their comfort zone. I found this unattributed quote that I really like:

When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger

I personally like to be challenged, and try to be strong when life deals hardships. However, I cannot even fathom how hard it must be for the kids in the foster care system, and it is my hope that they can be strong and find some comfort from the love that I put into the quilt I made for them.

This was donated to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services, for a child in foster care in July 2018.


4 thoughts on “Swimming Upstream

  1. You are such an inspiration! I love your quilts and your tenacity to reduce your scrap bins. Are these patterns you design yourself? I love Swimming Upstream.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I design most of the quilts I make, but not all. My favorite is creating different designs based on the traditional 9-patch, and I really like making medallion quilts since they lend themselves well to more creative freedom.

  2. Very good use of scraps! And yes, I do know a couple of people who seem to use their scraps as fast as they make them, but I do not! I do use them, but it’s been an awful long time since I’ve made something mostly from scraps. May have to try that again soon…

    • I think part of the reason my scrap bins get to overflowing, is that even though I like the memories that scrap fabrics can bring, I can tire of looking at the same fabric(s), and working with a new fabric inspires me to finish the project quicker, as I am excited to see the end result. I do plan to do an entire scrappy quanket soon!

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