A Chaotic Start to a New Year

Quilts for foster kids

A Chaotic Start to a New Year
January 2016

Today is the first weekend I am spending at home since the beginning of the year, and I am finally getting some time to sew. On January 5, my daughter and son-in-law’s home was flooded – who even thinks of flooding in sunny Southern California? El Niño rains flooded the street they live on, and ultimately rose above the sandbags they had in place to keep the water off of their property. At its peak, they had just over 9 inches of water, mud and debris throughout their house. Paul and I have spent the past two weekends with them, cutting drywall from interior walls, and cleaning dried mud off of everything – including her sewing machine.

These old Singer machines are great! Hers is a vintage 1950’s machine, and is almost identical to the one I sew with, which was my Granny’s – my sewing mentor. Luckily the mud hadn’t guncked-up the mechanics and after cleaning the mud from inside and out, I put it to work in contributing a block to the quanket that is getting started on my design wall.

To follow-up to my last post, Re-purposing for a Purpose, there were a total of 75 fleece beanie caps in the basket. Some have gone to a local chemo center, and the rest will be donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

p.s. Julie I will send you the hat pattern as soon as I can!


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