Re-purposing for a Purpose


December 2015

After three years of making quankets, the scraps of fleece were starting to overflow – 2 bins to be exact! I needed to get things under control and decided to re-purpose the scraps into fleece beanie caps to donate to patients undergoing chemo therapy. Since the scraps were varying sizes, I made caps in all different sizes, and as you can see, in all different colors.

So, how many beanies do you think I was able to make? Here is some info to help you in your guess:

  • Over the past three years, I have made 63 quankets – 6 for friends and family and 57 to donate to foster kids. While I oftentimes have scrap fleece when making a quanket, it usually isn’t a big enough scrap to yield a hat.
  • The size of the basket they are in is approx. 24″L x 16″W x 9″H.
  • There are two layers of hats in the basket.
  • I have been working on this particular project for about two weeks now, spending a couple hours each day on them (minus Christmas weekend).

I would love to see your guesses in the comments section! I will post the actual number of beanies that were made in my next post – so stay tuned! Also, if anyone is interested in how to make these, drop me a note in the comments section, and I will send you my pattern.

Lastly, happy New Year to everyone that stops by to read my blog. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me, and inspire me to continue on this journey.


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