Sassy Squares

Sassy Squares Quilt

Sassy Squares
April 2013

On Monday, July 8, Paul’s Mom went to the emergency room as a result of an infection. While I was visiting with her, and we were chatting about my quilt project, she commented that she would really like a lavender quilt. I told her she was in luck, because I just happened to have a lavender quilt in my stack of quilts waiting to be donated. I brought her the quilt on Tuesday, while she was still in the hospital. She didn’t like the hospital blankets since they are so heavy, and was thrilled to have the quilt which is so much lighter!

Mom came home from the hospital on July 11 — so happy to be home, with her family by her side. Her fight with pulmonary fibrosis for the past several years was taking its toll, not only on her ability to breathe, but also on her heart. On July 16, she passed away peacefully in her sleep, just the way she had wanted to go. We will all miss her deeply.

I donated this much loved, and gently used quilt to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services.


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