Sweet Slumber

quanket, quilts for foster kids

Sweet Slumber
September 2016

Such a busy year! This is only the fifth quanket that I have completed this year. My personal goal is to make two per month, and I am far from achieving even close to this  number for 2016. When I start to get down on myself for not hitting personal goals – perhaps self-inflicted, non-rational would be better words than “personal” – I hear the words of advice my mom used to give to me: “everything in moderation, Jean”. So, I must cut myself some slack. Time is at a premium this year: from helping daughters with house projects and moving, to welcoming our new granddaughter, Ivy, to hosting a baby shower for other daughter’s first child, and we still have two major holidays to squeeze into what has already been a full year.

Sweet Slumber is a log cabin quilt design, based on an interpretation of Jean Ann Wright’s, Bonnie Blues Quilt. The log cabin is such a versatile block pattern: a simple rotation, or an intended placement of repeating fabric can create such a unique design! While the majority of fabrics I used are new fabrics, I was able to incorporate a scrap fabric piece inherited from Granny, which is the teal polka dot fabric that is used in the simple four-patch joining blocks in the sashing.

Although busy and at times chaotic and physically tiring, it has been a fantastic year! Maybe I will hit that personal goal of two quilts per month in 2017 🙂

This was donated to the County of Ventura, Children & Family Services, for a foster child in October 2016.


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