Help Make a Difference in a Foster Child’s Life

Over the past week, the media here in Southern California have brought attention to Lexi, a 6 year old little girl who has been taken from her foster family. Lexi has been with the Pages, her foster family for nearly five years, and she knows them as her family.

The reason that Lexi has been taken from the Pages is because she is 1.5% Choctaw, Native American. The State of California and Los Angeles County are “moving her to Utah to live with a non-blood related family who aren’t even members of the Choctaw tribe”. Unfortunately, the state and county can do this under the Indian Child Welfare Law. While the intention of the law seems good, the execution of the law in this particular case does not seem to be very well thought out.

The Page family is devastated and have begun a petition which you can view through the link below. I have signed it. Will you?

Click here to sign the petition to keep Lexi home


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