X&O Patchwork


X&O Patchwork
January 2013

I call this quilt my X&O Patchwork quilt (hugs and kisses!), because the center of the quilt created two X’s and an O. In addition to the copious amounts of fabric I acquired after my Mom passed away, I also acquired a box full of handkerchiefs that had belonged to my Granny. Granny liked collecting hankies, because they were an easy souvenir to pack in her luggage when she was traveling. Hankies are so reminiscent of a time-gone-by: it seems that very few people use them much these days (Kleenex squashed the lovely fabric hankies market!).

Anyways, I decided that these lovely hankies shouldn’t just sit in a box and not be used, so I decided to start incorporating them into my quilts. In my X&O Patchwork quilt, the O is actually one of my Granny’s cute little hankies. I finished this quilt and donated it to Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families in Camarillo in March 2013.


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